Saturday, November 12, 2011

Prime Double Prim Land for Sale in Famous Bay City - A Deal for Blog Readers

Gorgeous Bay City - The View From Over )ur Parcel

Jago and I are selling a prime canal facing  parcel that we own in Bay City.  My Gallery, and Jago's Living Color Store are located there. We have a third parcel that we are not using.

Ryce Skytower standing on the parcel -- with the art deco canal in the background

In case you do not know Bay City, it is some of the most prime mainland available.  It is a planned Linden city with canals, bridges, waterways, and very good architecture. It is currently undergoing a renaissance with more and more quality construction going up.   It is a great place for a store, gallery, with living quarters attached if you would like.

An areial view shows some of the redevelopment in Bay City

Here are the details:

size: 1056
prims (double):  482
Price:  L  $57,250 (land set to price)

Price for Blog Readers - $49,250

 $8,000 Linden discount

We will give anyone who mentions this discount $8,000 off. 

In order to get the discount, please IM Jago Constantine, Ryce Skytower, or Eddi Haskell and see if any of us are online.  If not, please leave me, Eddi Haskell.  a note card and I will set the land at the lower price for you to purchase in your name.   You will then have 24 hours to buy the land at the lower price.

Alternatively, just buy the land at full price, leave me a note card, and  I will rebate you $8,000 Linden as soon as I log in.  You must leave me a notecard at the same time you purchase the land.

The land seems expensive, but considering the location and redevelopment, its a great deal, and 20% less than what we paid a short time ago.


The public park across from the parcel for sale

The Bay City Community Center - Linden Architecture at its best.

Bay City has its own transit system - here is the rail station

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