Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The New Second Life Viewer Seems Way Too Laggy - I Am Sticking With Phoenix for Now

Taken From Iamspartacus

I finally got around to downloading and using the new Second Life viewer 3.2   I found it to be a lag monster.  I have a very fast connection, and a very good desktop and graphics card.  I used it at a light time, and then switched back to my trusty non-lag inducing Phoenix viewer.

It took the new Second Life viewer 3 times as long to rez in builds -- sculpties were a real problem. In addition, once fully rezzed in, I found myself unable to move at high settings for a while, while Phoenix allows me to run ultra graphics at a maximum distance with no problems.

I actually plan to run some tests and will report numbers here.  I am not ready to givc up on the new Second Life viewer, since it looks so cool and can be customized. Perhaps I am not doing something right, and need to clear everything for a fresh install -- but as things are now, I am sticking with plain old Phoenix with its great light settings for my photography.   

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  1. I actually used the SL viewer last night and was surprised when I got an online viewer message that there was an update so I proceeded to close out and let that update load. I had already seen reviews and screenshots for the latest so I was curious myself. Once viewer 3.2 loaded the first thing that I really liked was the overall clean look of the new user interface and how it can be customized even more. I did not experience lag issues, but I always tell friends to experiment and try other viewers because "Your Mileage May Vary" I will still stick with using the Phoenix & Firestorm viewers, but this will be a nice alternative once I get in a "kick the tires"


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