Thursday, November 24, 2011

Guest Artist: The Photography of Jesse Belavidorico

Atomo saves Keshi from the supernova

We are featuring the very animated and fun photography of Jesse Belavidorico today, whom many of you may know as a host from Aqua Lounge. I asked Jess to share some information about himself and some his photography with our readers, and his writing is carried in the italics below:

 ---  Eddi Haskell

Big Bad Jesse Wolf Attacks Dandy Red Riding Hood

From Jesse Belavidorico:

I'm a down to earth guy who enjoys trying to make people feel welcome and comfortable. I enjoy teaching and helping. I mostly keep to myself & my family & a very tight knit group of friends.I work as a host & a dancer in several clubs in SL, as it is my goal to lead a second life that is self-sustaining. I enjoy SL photography mainly as a hobby, although i have been known to take pics for other people on occasion. I am available for hire, although I do not actively seek to pursue photography as a career.

Big Bad Jesse Wolf Takes Dandy Red Riding Hood

One thing that may be unique about my photographs is that they are never edited after the picture is taken, except maybe to add a name. I prefer to adjust my windlight settings in world. Depending on the subject matter & mood, sometimes I like the avatar to be bright & pop, while other times I like to play with shadow. I like to use a scenic background that coordinates with the fashion of the subject, and I also like to crop my photos as I take them. I am more of a purist, preferring not to cut off hands or parts of heads in my shots, and I prefer close up shots. 

Dandy in a halo of light

I like to try to capture emotional expression in my photos if possible. I prefer to compose my pictures so that the subject is off center, i think this adds interest to the shot, and I like to consider objects in the background to create subtle geometry between the subject and the objects.

In RL I'm an interior designer. I feel I have a good eye for color & drama both in fashion and photography. I think my professional background has also helped when it comes to framing shots, and in styling for the photo shoot.

----- Jesse Belavidorico

Jesse & Dandy Apollo

Jesse Belavidorico, St. Patrick's Day, April 2011

Jesse Golden Moon

Jesse Gothic Arch

Jesse Raven Prince with grey sky

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