Friday, November 25, 2011

A Great Desktop Computer on Sale Today from Cyberpower For Under $800.00

Monitor not included of course

Although I do not need a new desktop computer (I purchased a great refurbished gaming system off Ebay from Gateway back in July for under $600 with a two-year Square Trade warranty), I was looking at some of the deals today.

This weekend, starting today (black Friday) through Monday (Cyber Monday -- the colloquial industry term)  is the best weekend to purchase a new desktop or laptop computer in the United States.  I want to report one interesting deal I found. I looked at other sites and did not find anything that intrigued me to be honest.

Here were my requirements:

Cyberpower, a custom PC configurator in the United States,  is offering the Gamer Dragon today for $706 (with the AMD 6850 video card), $781.00 with shipping. They are offering other deals on desktop and laptop computers which are the best I have seen all year. It meets all of my specifications.

The CPU is the AMD 1055T which is rated at 5200. Note that many people dislike AMD chipsets, they feel they are inferior to Intel ones. Others feel that AMD offers more value for the money.  I am very satisfied with my desktop which uses a lower rated version of this chipset.  I can usually go on ultra graphics at the maximum distance (over 1000 meters) and not notice any lag.

If you want to upgrade to the AMD FX-6100 for $46.00 more you can which is higher rated at 5693, but unless you are producing large-scale machinima or running very demanding games you will not know the difference if you are a Second Lifer.  You can also go all out and spend $80.00 on the new AMD FX-8120 8 core which comes in at a whopping 7197, making it as good as some of the best Intel Sandy Bridge I-5 and I-7 chipsets.

The listed Videocard is the NVDIA GTX 550-Ti which comes in at 1878, below my limit of 2000.

The Radeon 6850 - Great value for the money

However, I can save $23.00 by choosing the very highly rated Radeon HD 6850 (you can choose alternative cards in the configurator), which is actually my dream upgrade card. This comes in at 2848, and meets my requirements.  Note that many people dislike Radeon cards, but I like them -- I have had a bad experience with an NVDIA card burning out on me due to fan issues. However, I understand these issues have been corrected.

Other specs:

  • Three year warranty
  • 8 Gigs of RAM
  • 2 Terrabytes of Storage (today only, but they may extend it through the weekend or on Monday)
  • Includes Windows 7
There are other deals going, so go to the Cyberpower site and look for others.

Note that I have never owned a Cyberpower PC -- and can't endorse it on a first hand basis like I can my refurbished Gateway computer. However, the reviews on many web sites are very good.

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