Friday, November 11, 2011

Editorial: The Penn State Pedophilia Scandal is not Good for Gay Americans

Penn State Football - Big Business

In case you haven't been following the news in the United States, discussion of a horrific sex abuse scandal has engulfed the United States.  I will lay it out here in a nutshell:

1. One of the United States most famous college football programs, Penn State, has had to fire the most famous football coach in the United States this week, Joe Paterno. Mr. Paterno is 84 years old and has been coaching Penn State since 1966;  he was won more games than any other college football coach.  He was about to get a huge award from President Obama -- this has been cancelled. Instead of retiring as a giant, his legacy is now tarnished forever.

College football is huge in the United States; on Saturdays in the fall over 100,000 people turn out for games in stadiums such as Penn States for games that generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue on national television  This is big business. 

The university, one of America's best public schools, also fired the schools President. However, it is Mr. Paterno who is far more famous.  Note that the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school, is a different university and has nothing to do with the scandal --  they are forced to do damage control right now.

Joe Paterno - Americas most famous college football coach never went to the police. 

2. Why?  Mr. Paterno's defensive coordinator, one of his "Vice Presidents" in command, Mr. Jerry Sandusky, has been indicted for raping pre-pubescent boys as young as 10 years old in the school's locker room. All football programs run "summer camps" for boys.  Evidence of forced anal intercourse is being leveled against Mr. Sandusky.   This conduct was going on for 15 years according to some reports. Mr. Paterno had heard about this, but did not notify the police or confront Mr. Sandusky. He notified school authorities instead who did not take any action. Victims of abuse are still coming out after being quiet for years.

3. Even more horrific, Mr. Sandusky is accused of selling sex with young boys to pedophiles for donations to the football program.

4. The students at Penn State rioted and did a great deal of damage to local businesses when they heard of the firing on Wednesday and rioted, generating a huge amount of bad publicity.

Rioting Students on Wedneday Night destroyed local businesses

The vast majority of gay man are not pedophiles, in fact, more men who fit the profile of being "straight" are usually charged in this regard. Still, it is a same-sex crime, and it cannot be doing LGBT Americans any good. I hope everyone caught in this scandal gets punishment due them including everyone who is guilty of covering up rapes of young boys.


  1. That sounds like a terrible mess. This summer we had a similar affair in athletics when the Swedish high jumper Patrik Sjöberg - Silver Medalist in 1984 and 1992 Olympics and World Champion in 1985 (in-doors) and 1987 - revealed that his stepfather and his celebrated trainer Viljo Nousiainen had molested him in his youth.

    Nousiainen was also the trainer for many others of the most successful Swedish athletes among them the tripple jumper Christian Olsson - Olympic Gold Medalist 1984 and World Champion 2003 and the former high jumper now trainer himself Yannick Tregaro.

    Yannick Tregaro also admits to having been molested by Nuisiainen but Christian Olsson remains silent on this subject.

    It has been revealed in the Swedish affair that there were "rumours" for a very long time and that the news had reached the club leaders and the top of the Swedish Athletic Federation without anyone responding to these rumours enough to investigate themselves or send the matter to the police for investigation. Instead they kept sending young boys his way for his excellent training...

    I should think people in this day and age know enough to differentiate between homosexuals and pedophiles, or at least I hope so.


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