Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking News --For the next week, Premium membership is 50% Off On the Quarterly Billing Plan. It Actually More Than Pays for Itself This Way

Linden Lab has reduced quarterly premium membership charges for the next week down to $11.25 per month. or $3.75 per month. .

This pays for itself.  Besides getting a 1000 Linden gift after 45 days,  (worth $3.70)  you get a 300 Linden weekly stipend worth $4.80 per month.

In addition, you get  a 512k linden parcel or starter home, or reduction on your existing land worth $5.00 a month, in adaption to other goodies.

This offer expires next Monday, November 28 at 8 a.m. Second Life time, or Pacific Daylight Time.

You will have to pay the regular 22.50 Linden charge for the premium fee at after the first quarter (fine print is always fun). But if you use the land benefit, it still more than pays for itself this way. Plus, you will get real live customer support if you ever have an issue without waiting forever to get an answer.

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