Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Avatar Hunk of the Day: Robin White Outdoor Shots

Photographed at the DMC Marina.

Robin is a great model and always looks good when I photograph him in a staged setting such as these photographs, or casually in a club. To see more photographs of Robin:





  1. Great photos such a natural look. They seem real to life.

  2. Great photo's Eddi have to say loving the tatt on his chest and his look, having seen his FB I have to say this seeing his rl look and in SL you can see how alike he is. Very sexy and handsome guy.

  3. I agree with Carl, that is such a natural look. A very handsome guy and a great sugject to photo.

  4. Lovely pictures and one very sexy guy.I will have to look out for him in world. I guess a guy like this is not single Eddi? As I am sure any guy with any sense would be dropping at his feet. Very sexy!


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