Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Part 2. How to improve your Search Engine rankings by building a content site map for submission to Google

Yesterday, in Part 1 of this article, I explained how important it is to do some basic Search Engine Optimization to improve your blog hits.

 Here is an easy-use way to generate an ATOM sitemap XML site map to Google for a Google Blogger Blog.

Step 1:

1. Copy your blog's complete web address starting with http//:
For example, this blog's complete web address is as follows.


2. Put this line below at the end of your address above.  
Make sure to put the first slash (/) in. 


Your atom site map that you will submit to Google is at follows:


Step 2. Only needs to be used by those with more than 500 posts.

Estimate how many posts your blog contains to the nearest 500. Look at the number on top of your Blogger listing of postings to get this. Round up to the nearest 500.

You will need to submit separate site maps to Blogger per 500 posts.

Instead of starting this part of your index with the digit 1, you will need to start with either 501 or 1001 depending on the number of posts you have.

Since this blog has about 3495 postings all time postings right now, here is what I needed to submit after my web address - a total of 7 site maps:







If you put any of these web addresses you will get a huge XML file showing this blog's web content. This is just what Google (and Bing and Yahoo) want to see.

You can easily submit this to Google once you have a Webmasters account, which will automatically update your site maps on the submission page:

There are other ways to do this for non-Blogspot blogs and websites, but this is another posting -- enough for now with this one!

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  1. OMG Eddi, I think I succeeded in following all your steps. Are you sure this is the easy way? (Just kidding, it is the easy way - I tried looking into some of the other instructions and didn´t understand much.)

    Thanks buddy!


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