Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Late Season Hurricane Watching Fun -- Will Rina Hit South Florida This Weekend?

Just as I thought that the summer Hurricane season was over here, it is not.

A new Hurricane, Rina, formed yesterday in the second shortest amount of time in history in the Atlantic basic.  Rina went from a tropical depression - sustained  winds of about 35 mph to a category 2 sustained winds of over 80 mph within 21 hours which is incredible if you think about it. Although the hurricane will probably wash out before any rains get here over the weekend, one model (out of the 6 most accurate hurricane models), the highly respected GFDL hurricane model, shows it passing directly over here in Palm Beach County on Saturday.

It probably will not happen, these storms have been fizzling out and meandering all year, but the location and growth of the storm is exactly the same as powerful Hurricane Wilma in 2005. I moved to Florida from the U.K. three weeks before this storm, and lived through 8 hours of this monster -- something I will not do again!  120 mph gusts are not for me. Not only that, there was no power, drinkable water, or sewage services (the entire county stunk) for two weeks.  So let's wait and see if Mom and I and her cat end up driving up North on Friday!

Make sure to turn the volume up for this video, as loud as you can and imagine yourself huddling in the bathroom (the safe room in the house with the thickest walls) with your mom and her cat for several hours as the storm passes overhead ripping up roofs. LOL. It also has been upgraded to high resolution, and is fun to watch on the big screen!

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