Monday, October 17, 2011

From Huffington Post: SimCity Games Will Cost $9.99 In Honor Of Herman Cain's 999 Plan

I wrote about right-wing Republican presidential contender Herman Cain here yesterday.  His regressive 9-9-9 tax plan which would soak the poor and middle class by adding a 9% sales tax to everything apparently was copied from Sim City 4, the online virtual world game that normally costs $19.99.

They are knocking $10.00 off their game prices in honor of Mr. Cain's tax idea since this has been their model for years (note:  Mr. Cain was also CEO of Godfather Pizza, which is why the plan also sounds like a Pizza Topping Special).

Make sure to see this commercial it is very funny.

Link to Huffington Post Article:

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