Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From Gay World News: Gay Events in Second Life : Get them Featured !

GW News --  The Best Community and News Publication in Second Life

Gay World News, a truly excellent and professional Second Life publication that a city the size of Austin Texas, Stuttgart Germany, or Birmingham in the U.K. would be proud to have, published an article last month on how to get your gay events featured in Second Life publications.

Although I will still publish information for special one-off events in the gay Second Community in this blog, I do not have the manpower to maintain calendars or club listings, which is why you should look at this article, and also post your event with SL Gay Events if you want people to attend your events. 

Here is the article at Gay World News:
Gay Events in Second Life : Get them Featured !


Note:  If you want me to publish your special LGBT event here -- it can be a special club party, fundraiser, cultural event, concert, or anything non-commercial (store parties and opening with DJ's -- but not sales --are fine), please email the following to eddie.thebeaver@gmail.com

-SLURL (important)
-image (I prefer JPEGS)
-and up to 100 words description of your event. 

You can either write a headline or I will write one for you. 

I reserve the right to edit anything you send me without telling you beforehand. 

I will not run anything that is given to me inworld. It must be emailed to me.  No exceptions please.

Thanks, Eddi

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