Monday, October 17, 2011

The End of Summer In South Florida - Hallelujah!

I know those of you who are starting to freeze up North think that I am bragging, but summer in South Florida -- with its 90 degree weather, almost 100% humidity, daily thunderstorms, and threat of hurricanes (although there is a small chance we can get them for another month)  is ending this week.

Its been this way since May.  After 5 months of this weather, you want a break!

A drenching tropical front is moving through, and by Wednesday night the weather should finally fall below 70 degrees for the first time in 5 months.  Hallelujah!  The $270.00 a month electric bills for air conditioning in a two bedroom apartment should end too!

Now, from about November 1 -- the end of March, the entire world wants to come here.  The weather is generally perfect, excpet for a few weeks around New Years, except for a week or two around New Years its beach weather every day.  The roads are crowded, the restaurants harder to get into, and tourists are everywhere -- so the five months of summer beforehand are worth it.


  1. Freeze up in the North my ass lol. It's been 70s here in NYC lately.

  2. Just wait another two months! You'll see Yankee!

  3. Normally it is usually cold and in the 50s and 40s in October....if the trend keeps up it will be 50s in December lol. Which is fine with me I hate snow (unless I am on vacation and snowboarding or playing football).


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