Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cool New Blue Mars Destination: Chiamoro

Roger in Chiamoro
Blue Mars has opened a new destination Chiamoro, just as I thought their virtual world had stopped development of new destinations.

Blue Mars has been concentrating on their Mobile App applications; and the opening of a new destination, the first in a while, shows that their is life in this showcase for high-end graphics.

The sign-in page for Chiamoro (above) reads as follows:

In 2045, while exploring the Blue Martian region of Margaritifer Terra, just south of the equator, the one of the first settlers discovered a mountain range with an unusual formation similar to a rock quarry or mine. The rocks were of an unusual nature and could speed up the terra-forming processes of the planet twofold. Because of the lack of human laborers it was determined to design intelligent bots for a mining and building project. Both male and female bots were designed for that job as well as to be companions and protectors for the human settlers. The bots were called 'Iamors' and the surrounding area was named 'Chiamoro.'

You arrive in the center of the spiral above which is actually a cascading road leading over a bridge to a wide vista plain. Although you cannot fly your avatar in Blue Mars, you can bring your camera to get a top-down view.

One of the best things I like about Blue Mars are the seamless "sims" which can be the size of 64 Linden Labs sims or larger. It helps with realism - one of the reasons why I like Blue Mars so much.

Here I am on the spiral road.

The rock formations are highly realistic. Blue Mars is very easy to navigate and use, another reason for any Second Lifer to create an avatar (if you have Windows) and check out the amazing builds on this alternative to Second Life virtual world.

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