Saturday, September 10, 2011

Visit Two Impressive World Trade Center Memorials in Second Life -- One Is both Spectacular and Devastating

The World Trade Center true to scale as it once stood on the New York Sims.

Tomorrow, as almost everyone knows, is the 10th anniversary of the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.  There are several monuments to this in Second Life, and Jago and I visited two this morning, and were joined by Adonis and Trace.  Both are very well done, but the one on the New York City sims is nothing short of spectacular and devastating at the same time.  You are left feeling the enormity of the tragedy of the attack.  It is a must-see destination.

Both monuments were getting busy this morning, be prepared for busy places if you plan to pay your respects to the 3,000 killed tomorrow.

To see images and a movie of the  memorial that will open tomorrow in New York City:

The World Trade Center Memorial on Stagg Island

The Two Beams of Light From Ground View Level

This is a well designed and moving monument, worth seeing for the impressiveness of the twin beams of light symbolizing the twin towers that are no longer there.   This "Tribute in Light" , consisting of the beams of 88 huge searchlights,  first started as a memorial on the second anniversary of the attack in 2003, and will continue to run tomorrow night The beams rise out of black foundations of the twin towers -- just as the real memorial which will be dedicated tomorrow in Manhattan is centered upon two sunken squares where the enormous Twin Towers once stood.

Waterfalls are also part of the installation, just as they are in the real memorial.  Names, photographs, and events are on the stone wall in front of the monument.  It is worth a visit and a worthy and moving memorial that you should visit.


Two Beams Rise Out of Foundations for the Twin Towers

Eddi and Jago with Brooklyn --
Who Felt the ground shake 8 Miles from the Actual Explosion  10  Years Ago. 
The Magnificent Monument on the New York Sims -- A Must See Destination 

Hundreds of United States Flags lead up to  the World Trade Center

Of the two memorials, this one is the more impressive. It is magnificent and moving at the same time, but be prepared to be emotionally moved when the enormity of the tragedy becomes apparent.

3,000 flags for everyone from the world killed in the event, in alphabetical order, start from the real -to scale rebuilding of the Twin Towers.  However, just as the Twin Towers are a memory, these twin towers are skeletons and ephemeral -- but looking down at them from the roof. 400 meters high with the names of all the dead being intoned in the background is a very moving experience.

At the base of the towers are the inscribed names of all killed. This, will the visualization of thousands of national flags, together with the sound and the silence of the place make it the most impressive Second Life memorial that I have ever visited, and I am made more humble today as a result.

A must see destination to remember the defining event of this century so far, which hopefully, will never be repeated anywhere.

People from all around the world were killed in the attack.

Fly up to the Top -- and hear the names of everyone killed.
Jago and I are standing on the left tower.

Looking Down from the Top and you notice Granite Slabs

The names of everyone killed that day are inscribed.

Trace Junkers, Jago Constantine, Adonis Lubitsch, and Eddi Haskell
visit the site this morning.


  1. Thanks for telling us about these spots, Eddi!

  2. Yes Thanks. I will never forget that day and will always remember those that were lost and the families of those who were lost. Thanks


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