Monday, September 12, 2011

This Week's Poll Results: Only 40% of you would be angry if your Second Life partner were not the sex they claimed to be.

My what big biceps you have darling! Are you SURE you're female?

The results of this week's poll are in. There were 44 total respondents.

When asked the question "what would your reaction be if you found out your partner or signification other were not the sex they claimed to be." or in other worlds, your boyfriend were female or visa-versa in real life:

22% of you would have extreme anger, and would leave them and never speak to them again. 

18% of you would be angry, but would leave a door open. 

36% of you would not be pleased but not angry, or would need to think about it. 

9% of you would like it or be amused by it. 

13% of checked other.

(percentages do not equal 100% because of rounding. 

What is interesting about this poll result is that only 40% of you immediately responded bye being extremely angry or just angry. I expected it to be much higher.


Please take this week's poll on the upper right hand side of this web page which asks your reaction to being called the world "Hun".

What Will It Be Today Hun?

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