Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Weeks Poll Results: almost half of you feel that Mesh has made no impact in your Second Life experience.

The results of this week's poll are in.

The response rate was only 26 in number  (down from the usual 40 or so per poll).

I attribute this to the number of mesh surveys out, and the fact that the question, in retrospect, was a bit confusing.  I should not have added the "mesh or non-mesh enabled viewer" qualifier, since every viewer counts:

The Question:   Please take this survey if you have used a mesh or non-mesh enabled viewer in Second Life in September 2011.  How do you feel mesh has impacted your second life experience?

Improved it a great deal
2 (7%)

Improved it somewhat
3 (11%)

Made no impact
12 (46%)

Has caused some problems
3 (11%)

Has made it a living hell
5 (19%)

I am not sure / other
1 (3%)

I am a bit surprised that only 18% of respondents feel that mesh has improved their Second Life experience, it is much higher in other polls.

I will have another question next week -- I am heading off to northern Virginia. for a family reunion this weekend.


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