Saturday, September 3, 2011

This Week's Poll Results: 38% have a high interest or are excited about Mesh.

The new mesh  Jago Constantine - Guido is not Impressed

Mesh viewing technology is now available in Second Life with viewer 3.0. The week's poll asked current residents "How excited are you about mesh?  Here are the results:

There were 43 total respondents. 

20%  were incredibly excited about Mesh. 

18% were very interested. 

25% have average interest (note - I fall into this category). 

11%  are a little bit interested.

13% have no interest

9%  have never heard of Mesh. 

(Note:  Numbers do not equal 100% since percentages are calculated down to the nearest main digit  by Blogger Polling). 

Note:  You need viewer 3.0 to see Mesh.  I was using Phoenix when Jago came in as a piece of dancing luggage and asking me what I thought of his new look. Actually it is an improvement over his new mesh avatar above which he finds very sexy.   Guido the mutt and Albert the German Shepherd are shown expressing their displeasure of the new Jago below.

What Jago looked like without a Mesh viewer -- a piece of moving luggage.


To see a good demonstration of the vitality of Mesh clothing, check out the great Second Life machinima artist Lokiboy demonstration of his new kid avatar clothing range.

Check out Lokiboy's blog to see more about Mesh technology.

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