Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Square Trade Warranties are a Good Buy : 30% Off Today

Square Trade warranties are a good buy for any electronics, computers, televisions, Ipads, or other items that frequently break down in the first two or three years and need to be repaired or replaced.

Instead of buying a warranty when you purchase a product, and paying half to the middleman, you buy direct from Square Trade and save a ton.  I paid $70.00 for a two-year warranty for my new high-end desktop computer -- using a Square Trade promotion like this one here -- 30% off - that is good today only (after today it goes down to 20% through September 19).

You can buy a Square Trade warranty after you purchase a product that is still under warranty, or on the day of sale.  If you have a new large-screen televsion, Ipad, or laptop, consider buying one.

The code you need to put in is "sunset".

Note, I am not endorsing Square Trade, just pointing this out to my readers and reporting good experiences with them.  If you get one and it does not pay out, you have to take this risk on your own.

Take a look at their reviews on Amazon before you make a decision to buy one:  http://www.amazon.com/SquareTrade-3-Year-Computer-Warranty-600-700/product-reviews/B001N84LZ8

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