Sunday, September 4, 2011

Please Take This Week's Poll-- What Would You Do If Your Partner Were Not the Sex They Claimed to Be?

Way back in February of this year, a poll that ran here indicated that some of our readers were not the sex that their avatars were in Second Life.  You can find the results of this poll here:

This week's poll takes this question one step further and asks what your reaction would be if you found out that your partner or significant other was not the sex that they claimed to be.  In other worlds what you you do if your boyfriend turned out to be female in real life or visa versa?

Would you be extremely angry and never speak to them again, or would you be a little bit angry, or not concerned at all by this?  Would you actually be amused by it?  Please take this poll at the top right hand corner of this web page, and share your results with others readers.


  1. I would have absolutely no problem with it. Maybe I would feel different about it if I was single RL and would like to use SL to meet potential lovers. In that case I would be dissapointed and feel hurt but not angry

  2. That makes much sense Aurelia -- what role does your partnership take in Second Life for yourself? This influences the answer.

  3. Partnership in SL is about having someone to share special moments with in Second Life .. so as long as there is a connection and mutual interestand I do not care which gender sits at the other end of the monitor

  4. Hey, JLL here :)

    I wouldn't care, really. I have so many gender ambiguous friends online and in real life already, it never surprises me anymore when they open up and tell me they're the opposite sex in real life. I'm also so gender-blind that I am quite 'pansexual' in real life. A person is a person, and if they can love me, I can love them.


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