Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Please Take This Week's Poll: Do you object to being called "Hun?".

This weeks poll refers to the increasing usage of the slang term "Hun".

 "Hun" in mainstream English usage is a shortened version of the world "Honey", and  has become very popular as a term of endearment or of related sarcastic usage. The usage of this term has become endemic in Second Life, and is somewhat controversial.  There are no fewer than four groups in Second Life which are named something similar to "Please Do Not Call Me Hun".

Many people feel, for example, that the word "Hun", although endearing, is best reserved for a generic form of address for people such as waitresses of greasy spoon diners in places like Baltimore, Maryland. Others feel that the world "Hun" is a term which should be reserved exclusively for females. Other simply feel the word is grating to their ears.  Whatever the case, there is much controversy over the expanding usage of this term.

Keeping this in mind, please take our poll for this week. Do you object to being called "Hun"?  Does it make you angry or only slightly annoy you?  Do you enjoy it?  Do you not care?   This poll is open to current male, female, and other members of Second Life (yes I have been corrected before when dividing this audience into the two obvious subgroups.

(Note:  According to urban dictionary, the term "Hun" can be used as a derogatory term for several groups and nations in Europe.  For the purpose of this poll, please do not take these alternative definitions into account).

See what other individuals feel about being called "Hun".

He does not care if you call him Hun or not.
Only his closest friends are allowed to call him Hun.
He gets pissed off if you call him Hun. 
He liked being called "The Hun". 

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  1. Hun? Hon? Expect to hear it out of my lips. I call -everybody-, and I do mean -everybody-, hon. It's just something that I picked habit on living in WV.


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