Monday, September 12, 2011

Borders Bookstore Is Closing Today -- The Original Borders Was One of My Favorite Places to Hang in College

Closed Forever - A Bookstore the size  of a Department Store
Memories have come back to me today.

Borders Books, recently a giant in United States storefront bookstore,  is closing today. Every storefront location in 399 cities will close. Another victim of Amazon and the internet.

The original location in Ann Arbor Michigan, which is one of the two largest bookstores in the world, the size of a department store, is also closing today . I used to spend hours when I went to the local University of Michigan in here drinking coffee and looking at the books and magazines on sale, with no pressure to actually buy anything.  It was more enjoyable to be here than the huge empty spaces of the campus libraries (except the gorgeous Law School one which was too beautiful to actually study in).

Michigan Law School Library -- Too Beautiful to Study In

To read bout the rise and fall of borders check out CNN Today.

I plan to be back in Ann Arbor (the perfect college town)  in March of next year for the four concert  residency of the San Francisco Symphony with Micheal Tilson Thomas, celebrating the the 100th birthday of the Orchestra.  The location of borders will be about a five minute walk from where I am staying.  I hope that something worthwhile will have taken its place by then.

Ann Arbor is a beautiful place. I produced a You Tube video photo-montage showing scenes of the campus and city and  is being used on several campus review sites, and has earned over 34,000 hits.  You can see it here:

YouTube by Eddi Haskell

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