Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blue Mars: My Avatar Gets a Hot Makeover With Moxi's Aaron Shape and Skin

Moxy Rufus Front 

My Blue Mars avatar, Roger, had an attractive face -- but looks very undeveloped and flabby with his shirt off. His original shape and skin was Moxy's Rufus, which I purchased over a year ago in Port Town and as far as I can tell is not sold anymore.

Moxy Rufus Back

The new Roger is wearing Moxy's new Aaron shape, eyes, and skin. The combined purchase only cost 1600 Blue Mars dollars. I feel he is much more masculine and muscular, and am improvement over the younger and less developed Roger above.


  1. A nice look. One day I may do a make over. Not sure yet. He looks very natural. Like that.

  2. Did anyone tell you yet, CUTE ASS!!!!

  3. Ah but he is in Blue Mars and he will remain Virgin for Now! You can't do much other there!


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