Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's Up With Me? And Why Am I Not Inworld As Much These Days?

Many of you may have noticed that I, and my clubby alt Ryce Skytower,  have not been inworld that much in August. I do come in at odd hours during the day  to see my partner of almost three years, Jago Constantine --- but stay on busy, or decline instant messages, whenever I am alone with Jago.  He gets my undivided attention.

In the past two weeks, I have come in rarely after 7 PM at night, prime club hours in Second Life. I do miss all my friends at the clubs I patronize, especially at Tadd's, and will try to find more time to go out at night.

The reason I am not inworld that much is that I have started a new career as a realtor in South Florida. The real estate market here has been devastated here for the most part, but there is one area of the market that is booming-- home and apartment rentals. In fact, there is a real shortage of good rental properties here, and anything nice on the market tends to be picked up within hours. That is what I am specializing in.

In order to make it in my new career, I will need to work 50 or 60 hour weeks for now. My time in Second Life  is greatly reduced. So please bear with me as I adjust my real life, including my prior vampire sleeping patterns, until I can spend more time inworld. And if I do not reply to you when I am inworld, please understand that my time is so limited right now. It should change soon.

One more thing -- My hit count according to Google has exceeded 500,000 since July 1, 2010. Adding this number with the over 150,000 hits I received from the inception of this blog in November, 2008 through July 2010 puts the total readership of at over 650,000.  Thanks for reading!

All the best, Eddi

Morning Photo with Jago Taken Today -- Guido, Albert, and Boris are in the background. 


  1. Woohoo, Eddi, my friend! Congratulations to both the fantastic hit count and the new job.

    We - your loyal readers - will be as patient with you as you need! ;)

  2. Good luck to you Eddi,

    South Florida is a good place to live, it is, let us say "very fluid". I hope you do well. I think the best places to be are places where stuff is happening even if that "stuff" is a nose-dive into the earth! The phoenix always rises from the ashes.


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