Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Second Life Milestone - Jago Walks Across 500 Sims on the Continent of Sansara on Foot

Jago started his journey on November 28, 2009

On November 28, 2009, Jago Constantine started his journey from Manyiminia Sim across Second Life's first continent -- on foot. Jago, as explorer Icarus Fallen, celebrated a milestone yesterday walking 500 connected Sansara sims, photographing each one, and publishing this information in his blog, Across Sansara on Foot.

Jago's explorer alt, Icarus Fallen
Since the arrival of teleports, most of us do not think of Second Life as a virtual land mass that can be walked.  By doing this project, Jago adds a new perspective to Second Life, and a new way of appreciating how a virtual world can be experienced.  Walking or riding tours of Second Life (it is great to explore on horseback) may come into voque now as a result of Jago's experiences.

The Continent of Sansara
There is an exhibition going on in the lower gallery of Jago's Living Color store showing photography highlights from the sim he has visited and providing more information on his project at Barnstable sim in Bay City.  Make sure to visit to check it out, and visit Jago's Living Color store while you are at it.

SLURL to Exhibition:

The Photography Exhibition at Jago's Living Color store in Barnstable Sim

Across Sansara on Foot Web Site:


  1. I walked the GA sims by foot twice! Its fun and the reason why I rarely if ever fly in SL!


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