Friday, August 12, 2011

Photography Tip: How To Handle a Blueish Tint Photograph

I took a whole bunch of photographs at the Engine last night of Ryce dancing with his handsome friend Nufor Looden.  But the photographs were all blue tinted.  The light setting I was on was filtering out some warm hues on the spectrum.  This is also a problem with older photographs, they tend to lose their warmer hues after a few years if you keep them in storage.

The solution is to pick the opposite color from blue on the color spectrum (orange) and apply this as a partial overlay to the blueish photo. Any photography editing program can do this; I like to use Google Picasa since it is fast and free and lets me share my work immediately with others. It also is integrated with Blogger and is just a great all-around online image management programs.

Voila, after the overlay, you can see the image below -- I am still not satisfied with the color tuning, and will fine tune it with color curves, but all -in -all it is alot better than the first image on top.

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