Saturday, August 20, 2011

Major Announcment: Ridley Scott to Make Prequel or Sequel To Blade Runner

Blade Runner's Los Angeles 2019?  Not quite yet. 

Reported yesterday-- Ridley Scott, the original director of the great 1982 science fiction movie Blade Runner to make a prequel or sequel to the original movie. It is not yet determined if Harrison Ford, who was only 40 at the time, will appear in the new movie. However, Harrison is in incredible shape for someone who is almost 70 years old and has done a good job in the Indiana Jones reruns. It would be good if he had some role in the new film.

Work on the new film will begin next year, with filming most likely to occur in 2013.

Blade Runner was set in a future dystopian Los Angeles, set in 2019.  They will need to update their timeline for the future for the movie to be credible.

Handsome Harrison Ford in 1982

Many people, including myself, consider Blade Runner to be the greatest science fiction (or cyberpunk) movie ever made. Having Ridley Scott work on a companion film is great news.

The Insilico Sims in Second Life have a distinct dark "Blade Runner" feel to them and are worth a visit if you have never been there.

For more information:

Here is the trailer for the original 1982 movie.

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