Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Latest Viral Video on You Tube: How To Go Greek Alabama Style

This is a riot. I am laughing my tail off.

This video has gone viral on You Tube.  The Sorority girls at one of the most conservative schools in the United States, The University of Alabama,  produced this fun "recruiting video" for pledge week - gaining new young recruits -- in September during what is widely known as "Greek Week".  In case you are not familiar with the American college Fraternity and Sorority system, they use Greek letters for names, hence the name "Greek Week",

Next time, these sorority girls need to check the Urban Dictionary to find out what the common usage of  "Going Greek" refers to.

The University quickly made them take this video down, but it went viral, and copies are up at You tube and other places. Aren't these girls too cute? Shame some hot Alabama frat boys didn't make a video like this too!


  1. Haha I had never heard that expression either, living is forever a learning experience!

  2. Yes Bock, but are you or are you not familiar with the concept?

  3. and Anderson Cooper must read your column..he included this video as his ridiculist commentary on 360 tonight.

  4. to fuck guy in the ass using olive oil for lube. Try it!

  5. One of the best comments on You Tube about this video simply said "white people don't have a clue".

  6. Haha to answer your question, Eddi, no I haven't tried it - yet... Is it something you recommend? *innocent smile*


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