Friday, August 5, 2011

Images From Tadd Rives and Lawna Mowa's Rez Day Party

Lawna Mowa and Tadd celebrating their Rez Day at Tadd's Cabaret

I have not been out on the club scene much lately -- real  life commitments are taking priority right now. Last night,  Ryce Skytower (my clubber identity in Second Life)  made an appearance at Tadd's to celebrate the rez days of two good friends.  Tadd's was packed as usual, and getting out and experiencing the great LGBT club scene in Second Life really was a lift --- after a short absence, I almost forgot how fun Second Life could be!

Ziggy Starsmith and Larz Kas Were The Hot Couple of the Night at Tadd's

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  1. I hope Lawna had a great Rez day celebrating it at Tadd's it had to be. Having Ryce there had to make it even better. I do know that Tadd's helps me when my RL is stressed as it has been lately.


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