Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene - Live Report Videos from Florida Yesterday

Although I am not the person who took these videos, I was right here driving  yesterday when Hurricane Irene was 127 miles away. It was the worst experience driving ever -- check out how bad the wind was even though we were not under any sort of warning in South Florida!  It actually got worst than this during the day with the driving rain.

Later, my friend and I went to the beach at Deerfield Beach (a great place to watch surfers along the coast) -- take a look at these waves!  And this, again, is NOT where the Hurricane was hitting -- it was about 260 miles away at that point. Note, although I was here at this exact time I did not take this video. The surfers were crazy enough to ride these waves.

My friend, a long time Floridian, was amazed that we had these storm conditions -- without the hurricane being anywhere near here.

Here is another view of the waves from Juno Beach in Palm Beach County near where I live:

It is clear out today, the storm is now getting ready to hit North Carolina and then move up to New Jersey and New York. Wishing everyone up there all the best in coping with with nasty storm.


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  1. Glad that Florida was spared the brunt of it, thoughts are wityh all those up North.


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