Sunday, August 21, 2011

Can This Blog Keep Hurricane Irene Away From South Florida

Hurricanes in South Florida are a real pain.  Being hit by one can men no power, safe running water, internet service, or any of the fun trappings of civilization for up to 12 days. Plus, they are frightening. I don't feel like being hit by one this week.

Tropical Storm Irene is set to hit here (near Fort Lauderdale) as a strong category 1 Hurricane on Thursday.
However, it will be before Tuesday that the final track can really be estimated.

In 2009. 2010, and three weeks ago (Tropical Storm Ernesto)  Tropical Storms were set to hit here, yet safely moved out to sea. I reported each of them in this blog. Let's see if my our luck can hold out, and Tropical Storm Irene stays safely out to sea because I am writing about it here.

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