Friday, August 19, 2011

Blue Mars: Video Demonstration of new Light Client: Roger visits Brisbane Australia to Look for Jago and Meets a New Friend from France Along the Way

I produced this quick video (with limited production values) to demonstrate the cool Google Earth integration in the new light Blue Mars client which was released yesterday.

Here is my description on You Tube: 

Roger is an avatar in the virtual world of Blue Mars.  He decides to look for his friend Jago who lives in Brisbane Australia. While he is looking for Jago he meets a new friend from France.

This new technology demonstration shows how two individuals in Florida, USA, and France can use Blue Mars technology to meet on a street in Australia.

Music: Mac the Knife sung by Robbie Williams and Traveling Man sung by Rick Nelson

Apologies for the poor production values, but this is a new technology and I wanted to get a quick video up to show how cool it is.

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