Sunday, August 7, 2011

Best of Ask Eddi: She Gave The Wrong Sex Photos To Her Boyfriend

This column originally ran in November 2009.

This comes from a reader in Birmingham Alabama.

Dear Eddi. My boyfriend and I were having sex.   He knows that I love to snap hot pictures.  When he asked me if I took any pictures, I said yes and gave them to him.  But to my mistake, I sent him pictures of myself having sex with one of his best friends!   We were fooling around two weeks ago for a few nights, nothing serious. But now, my boyfriend won't speak to me OR his best friend, and everyone hates me!  What am I to do?

Dear Concerned  Reader:

There are several unanswered questions here. First of all, was your an open or intended as a monogamous relationship?  If it was monogamous relationship, you must come to the realization that you are a complete slut, and will probably never change.You are also most likely a nymphomaniac.

I, too, have done something like this with my partner, but we are open, and in such cases, this becomes highly amusing to both parties.  However, if your relationship is traditional, you have a huge mess on your hands.

Forget apologizing.  What I would do is take some very hot and suggestive pictures of yourself, and send them to both your partner and his best friend, with an invitation for both of them to come over and gang bang you after spanking you incessantly for 20 minutes and calling you a naughty, nasty slut.  Make sure they spank you until you are all wet, and suggest that they do each other too.  Beg them both to do this to you.   And I mean BEG! I think they will come around and take advantage of your offer, especially if  you tell them you are a closet lesbian.

That is the advice for today!   Eddi !

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