Sunday, July 24, 2011

Waking Up With Jago -- Keeping the Dogs Out is a Chore

Although I am not a morning person, for nearly three years, I have set my alarm to wake up very early in the morning to catch the most wonderful and handsome guy in Second Life, my partner Jago Constantine.  Jago goes to bed in Australia right when I wake up, so I works out quite well!  And seeing Jago really makes the rest of the day extra special.

But privacy!  Our six VKC dogs need love and attention too!  Last Friday, Guido, sat and watched us in the tent.  Guido is the most intelligent of our dogs, and just loves to watch us.

There is another view of Guido -- looking at us as I let Jago know how happy I am to see him.

I just love the way how handsome Jago looks in his lifesaver uniform. What is it about Aussies that drives me so wild?

Well, Guido has one of his questions as usual (why are you sitting on Jago like that Eddi? is probably it).  And the other dogs decide to watch the proceedings too. Note-- we do not position our dogs. They line up like this quite well, don't you think?

From the left, Betsy the Chow, Guido the genius, Boris the Rottweiler - my first dog dating back to 2007, and the dominant one in the pack -- who is also very protective of me, Godiva, the English Sheepdog puppy and the sweetest of the six, Simon, the Doberman who is most dependent on me, and finally, Albert the German Shepherd, and who is on You Tube with his own Sarah Palin movie. .

At the end of the morning, I did get an amazing goodbye from my partner.  And the dogs actually make the morning all the better!

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  1. Great story and photos as usual. Love keeping up with you guys. Maybe I should become a dog. (grin) Boy if only dogs could talk. Here boy come over here and fill me in.


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