Thursday, July 14, 2011

Second Life Reviews: Julia Hathor's La Petit Paon - The South of France in Second Life

Julia Hathor is one of the most evocative home and landscape designers in Second Life.  Her works at Creative Fantasies are not only well designed but evocative and poetic.  They also are very pretty.  Over the past four and a half years I have been in Second Life, I have purchased many of her homes, cottages, and accessories.

I discovered this charming french cottage, "Let Petiti Paon" (or the little peacock) on her Serenity Falls sim. The effect is totally charming. The cottage is bathed in a pale almost lavender morning light; the effect is of a cottage somewhere in the South of France perhaps 50 years ago. There is a second level with a bed and small table, the only thing the cottage is missing is some living room furniture which you can purchase.  It will fit on a 512k parcel but really requires something a bit bigger if you want enough landscaping to put in a proper garden.

The cottage is 94 prims and costs $3500 and is recommended.  All accessories that you see here are included in the house.  Make sure to visit the surrounding homes and sims to see the magic that Julia is capable of weaving into her designs.


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