Friday, July 8, 2011

Photography from Aussieboys Earlier This Morning

DJ InsyX was spinning, and I decided to head down at about 5:30 a.m SL time after waking up in Florida and catching Jago before his bedtime in Australia.  The scene was quite crowded for the morning hour.


  1. Is there a new Aussieboys club?
    I never heard about this and I am a former owner!
    Wow cool news? I missed them!

  2. It was an outdoors venue, and Alexcub and Dazza were there. I am not sure if they own the place or just were using it as an Aussieboys location.

  3. After they closed the sim, Stefan (being a former owner of Aussieboys) Galileo and Duir let Alexcub and Dazza have part of the 3Bears area for an Aussieboys platform on the lagoon out there. :)


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