Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Photographs From Torro Spyker's Bull Ring on Tuesday Afternoon

I love going to a new club for the first time and discovering how hot it is.  It was for first time for me at The Bullring, and I have to admit -- I had a great time with all the incredibly handsome men around. The Bullring is open on Tuesday afternoon, and it is highly recommended -- make sure to check their web site out.


  1. Hey thanks for coming over Eddi, it was great to see you. Superb pics - I was trying to take one or two of you - but you just moved and grooved to darn fast!
    Hope to see you over there again soon.
    Lots 'o lurve. Torro.

  2. Yes this is a great place and I get there from time to time. Great photos as usual. I like visiting different sites and like all types of people. They are all interesting. Love the photos both the hot bods and the interesting places. (smile)


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