Monday, July 11, 2011

Experimenting with a makeover for Ryce Skytower- What Do You Think?

After almost three years, I am experimenting with a makeover for coverboy Ryce Skytower --to a very dark brunette with brown eyes. What do you think of the results>


  1. He is cute as both brunette and blond, but somehow I have gotten very used to the blond Ryce... ;)

  2. WOW I sort of like the dark hair but will have to look at them for awhile to know for sure. Now is that a good excuse to keep looking at his picture. I really like both.

  3. I love the dark hair! There is something about it that gives a richer look to Ryce by framing his face and highlighting his eyes. It is also very complimentary to his skin tones.


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