Sunday, July 31, 2011

Second Life Photo of the Day - Zak Faeyre with Surfboards

Make Sure to Check Out is a great place to find out just about everything on the LGBT scene in Second Life. Although I display the link to this web site prominently on my home page, I know that many of you who subscribe to this blog through a reader may have not heard of it.

Chaz Longstaff and Kip Ashbourne, the owners of Blue Balls, have put this site together as a service to the community, and have done a great job with it. In addition to gay events, there are listings for DJ's, places to live, clubs, and other attractions.  Please check this site out, and make sure to register to publish your own listings.

You can find the Blue Balls online store here:

Photographs from the Ganymedes Club on Saturday Night

Photographs courtesy of DJ Jared Palianta.

Seen around the Scene - DJ Sora Bluebird

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Seen around the Scene - Sea Planer at T-Bone

Congratulations to the Following New Second Pride Officers!

The election results for Second Pride are in.  Congratulations to the following new officers of this very important group:

For the Chairman of the Board position:
Doc Spad 
For the Secretary and Co-chair position:
Zen Milena & Zack Preminger

For the Treasurer position:
Marge Beaumont 

For the Membership position:
Zack Preminger 

For the Marketing position:
Pierrick Lubitsch 

For the Events position:
Kharissa Indigo 

For the Security position:
Tootsie Nootan 

For the Communications / IT position:
Zack Preminger 

Please Note: Nanaki Raymaker has provided the following information in a comment:

Please note that each candidate may confirm the takes on the position(s) for which he/she was elected at the Transition Ceremony which will happen on Sunday July 31, 2011 at 11:00 AM PDT on the Pride SIM . We invite you all to come!

The SLURL for this event on Sunday is

Photographs from The Frat Party at Club CirKUit Dreams on Friday Night

Club CirKUit Dreams really looked like a Frat House with pool tables, messiness and overall slobbery on Friday night -- reminding me of the classic 70's  movie Animal House. Jago, Raver, and myself all went -- dancing and having a great time. Enjoy the images of the sexy crowd!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Seen around the Scene - Eddi Haskell and Janosch Raymaker

Seen around the scene at Twink Town.

Advance Notice: After Hours Party at Club Cirkuit Dreams on Saturday Night

With DJ Xade

Saturday, 9PM- Midnight SL Time


Guess who they are saying is the new Eddie Haskell?

Many of you who are reading this that my namesake Eddie Haskell (someone grabbed the first name Eddie so I had to skip the "e") is perhaps the most famous American television teenager of all time, from the classic whitebread 50's sitcom Leave it to Beaver.  Eddie (played by Ken Osmond) was an insincere brownnoser who constantly made wisecracks when adults were not around and got The Beaver (Jerry Mathers) into trouble.

Well guess who Atlantic magazine is calling the new Eddie Haskell now?  Read the article to find out.

Advance Notice: Sexy Summer at Mystical Island Club on Saturday

Fashion Review- The Very Sexy Swim Briefs of Lazybum - Modeled by Ryce Skytower

Luciano Enoch's Lazybum in Boystown makes some very realistic and sexy swim briefs, and other athletic casual and sports close for the avatar who likes to show off his best assets.

Model Ryce Skytower models swim briefs in ice, white, and black.  The black brief has square cut legs. A wide variety of color is available, and all briefs are 150 Linden each. Megapacks are available that save even more in a multi-color purchase.

Recommended for good value and hot looks.

SLURL to Lazybum:

Event Notice: Country Western Night at Tadd's Tonight

Hoe Down with DJ Tina Marie

7 - 9 PM SL Time Friday July 29


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This came as a surprise this afternoon. Ryce Skytower co-stars in the most most popular Second Life adult flick of all time, The Beautiful Ones, alone with virtual porn megastar Emanuelle Jameson, and hot newcomer Ainsley Wirefly, and Licoranz Levasseur. The flick has now has over 150,000 views on porn web site Slutload, and appears on other web channels including Naughty Machinima.

When asked about his new found fame, Ryce said to this blog "well, my hair did look hot in the movie.  Chicks really dig gay guys don't they?".

Ryce will have more news about a major upcoming adult film release that his has recently co-starred in with famous adult film director Svetlana.


See Emanuelle's blog for further information and a direct link to the movie:

Emanuelle Jameson's Second Life: MOST POPULAR ADULT FILM EVER

Second Life Photo of the Day: Scott Malestorm Portrait

I think this is one of my best portraits ever. Scott is a great model, and it is  hard to take a bad photograph with him.

Seen around the Scene at Club T-Bone on Tuesday Night

Seen around the scene - DJ InsyX, Jared Palianta, and Ryce Skytower. 

Jago Constantine Posts Australian Childhood Video on You Tube

Here Jago is with childhood best friend in the Australian outback, Skippy the Kangaroo.

To find out more about Jago and Skippy read my post here:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Seen around the Scene: Ryce Skytower and Candi Mendel

Seen around the scene at Tadd's on Thursday night.

The Best of Eddi Haskell's Second Life -- Ask Eddi: I Made a Hot Date With The Wrong Guy!

Eddi in January 2010
Note:  This is an Ask Eddi column from January 2010. To see more of Eddi's advice through the years link here:

Dear Eddi:

I have a real problem. I was at club and it was crowded.   My friend showed up with this incredibly hot friend of his. We started IMing, and I thought that made a very hot and explicit sex date with his hot friend. However, it turns out that it was not him that that I made the date - it was someone else. I had too many IMs open. Someone else with a similar name was IMing me, who has been after me for a while. The thing is that I am not really interested the guy who I am said I would do all these naughty things with.  How do I get out of this mess without hurting the other guys feeling?

Apprehensive in Atlanta

Dear Concerned and Trashy Reader:

Eddi applauds your sincerity and your consideration of the other persons feelings.

It is unfortunate, but it sounds like you have to go through with this date if you are going to not harm the other person's feelings. Telling him "Guess what, I had the wrong window open and really do not want to have sex with you" will damage his avatar self image beyond repair.

You also will have to be respectable in the process.  If you invite him over, and put on a glowing green willy, or a female member, and tell him that you have Clowes disease in real life (Eddi does not know what Clowes disease is or it it exists at all but it sounds nasty), or really are a lesbian,  he will most likely tell everyone and damage your reputation.

I would have sex with the gentleman if I were you and  ask him to reenact your deepest and darkest fantasies along with you.  Do not stop talking. .Do things with him that you would naturally be afraid to do. Have sex in public to explore the exhibitionist side of yourself. Buy one of these kinky bondage collars and ask him to dominate you, or dominate him, at the Redgrave Men's Store. Get a VKC kennel dog (German Shepherds are good for this) and have the dog watch the proceedings and say things like "I am so excited!  The next generation of dogs will be even more entertaining!  I can't wait to get one so he can join us!?"  You get the idea!

Woof!  I can't wait for the third generation me!

The important thing is not to stop talking. And really get into it.  Come up with more and more fun ideas.

Odds are you will meet a new lover, or the person will never again come near you for sex.  Either way you will come out ahead!

And that is Eddi's advice for today!

Photography Tutorial- How to Apply Old Master Lighting Effects to Second Life Images

Original Image - Not Edited
The online photo editor Flauntr can be used to give your photographs an old masters tonal effect. There is a Picasa section that is very easy to use- all you have to do is set up an account, and upload an image - Flauntr will then give you about 30 old master paintings to chose from for setting tonal effects.  I show some here with a dark photograph I took using model Paddington Blackheart over at the Pandemonium sim -- you can see the original lighting effect above. The selected tonal images transform the photograph subtly, but make an obvious impact.  Highly recommended.

Cloudy Sunset


Girl Asleep


Girl with Pearl Earring




William Blake