Monday, June 13, 2011

You Tube: Celestial Elf: King Arthur's Summer Solstice

The great machinima maker Celestial Elf scores yet again with this production featuring King Arthur, Stonehenge, and the Summer Solstice which happens on June 21. This machinima is beautifully produced with good acting, great music, and a real plot -- something many Second Life video avoid since it is so hard to have one in the few minutes available. Make sure to see this great work of art.

The images are taken from the machinima.

I take this poem directly from Celestial Elf's description :

My name is Arthur, I am he,
Once and Future, born to be.
Celtic Chieftain, Knight of Old,
I am the story as foretold.
Loyal Knights, must come to me,
Bowing to their destiny.
Where ’er we find them, we’ll right wrong,
For this must always be our song.
The Cauldron and the Cross unite,
Christian and Pagan, join our fight.
To re-unite the Celtic creed,
In it’s time of greatest need.

From the Rallying Song c. Arthur Pendragon 1987

For more information about the production:

Celestial Elf's blog entry about the production:

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