Friday, June 17, 2011

Will New York State approve same-sex marriage in the next four days? Read on.

Our Friend as Gay Americans, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York

My God Bless and Help Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York in his superhuman push to get same-sex marriage approved in New York State in the next few days, perhaps as early as today. He is a great friend of gay Americans in the United States.

New York state is one of the three largest (in terms of population), and three most influential states in the United States, the other two being California and Texas. If same-sex marriage is approved there, it will be the biggest victory gay rights has had to date in the United States, probably bigger than approving gay service in the military which STILL has not been implemented.

Governor Cuomo, a Democrat, and son of the great Governor of New York Mario Cuomo, has singlehandedly pushed the New York State Assembly to approve gay marriage this week, and is now doing whatever he can to get it approved by the New York State Senate, which is Republican controlled.

It will probably pass the Senate if it's head, Republican State Senator Dean Skelos of Nassau County Long Island allows it to come up for a vote.  Although he is against same-sex marriage, and comes from a district which has many conservative Catholic, Orthodox Jewish, and African American churchgoing voters who are generally opposed to same-sex marriage, he knows that he only has a one-vote majority in the State Senate.

If he is seen as killing this by not allowing it to come up for vote, the amount of anger that will be raised by New York City's large gay population, which resides next door, will be enormous.  The other thing good here is the in the State of New York, Democrats and Republicans usually compromise and work things out.

Over this entire week, Governor Cuomo has been meeting with the Senate Republicans and doing what he can to reach a deal on this by giving way on other issues, and providing more protection for religious groups who do not want want this imposed on them. Basically, this is far; if a church, synagogue, or mosque does not want to hold a gay marriage ceremony they should not be forced to.

Here is where things stand as of now.

There are 62 New York State Senators.

31 of them, 29 Democrats (all but one), and 2 Republicans will vote for the bill.

One more vote is needed, and several Republicans are undecided.

President of the Senate Skelos has said that he will not vote for the bill, but is inclined to let the State Senate vote on it. It must come up for a vote by Monday if it is to pass this year; the State Senate is ending its session then.

More than one Republican needs to tell him that they will vote for the bill.  If one Republican is seen as passing it, that Republican will become a target of the right.

Arrayed against this are three very powerful New York religious factions - the Catholic Church, Orthodox Jewish Groups (most American Jews are members of liberal congregations and almost unilaterally support gay rights and marriage, but Orthodox Jews are strong in numbers in New York and are opposed to it), and evangelical African-american and Latino congregations.  Right now, all these religious groups are working together to stop this. And they are being effective with their threats.

It will be close. It has to pass by Monday. But if it does, get ready for a huge advancement in Gay Rights in the United States.  Other states, such as nearby New Jersey, will soon follow in all likelihood to gave LGBT people full rights.

This Republican State Senator In New York, Dean Skelos, Will Ultimately Decide if Gay Marriage is approved this year. 

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