Thursday, June 16, 2011

Will Ben and Jerry's Be Coming Out With Schweddy Balls Ice Cream?

Pete Sweddy's Balls Fill Your Cheeks up if You Pop Them In All At Once

Over the past two days, rumors have gone viral that Ben and Jerry's will be coming out with "Schweddy Balls" flavored  ice cream. The ice cream will have a unique salty/sweet taste and will contain small berries bursting with flavor (OK, the last sentence is my addition to this story).

The name of the ice cream is  inspired by this famous 1998 Saturday Night Live sketch starring Alec Baldwin who appears as guest on a dull NPR radio show "The Delicious Dish" hosted by cast members Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon.In the sketch, Baldwin plays Pete Schweddy, a holiday baker whose bakery,
cleverly named "Seasons Eatings," is known for its popcorn balls, rum balls and most famously, its Schweddy Balls. The skit is infamous for tasteless double entendres.

Ben and Jerry's will not deny or confirm the rumor.

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Here is a link with just Audio like real NPR.  Many people feel it works better this way.


  1. Darn, that video is only shown to those residing within te USA ;P

  2. there are many versions on You Tube. I will post some links in the body copy - try one to see if it works where you are.


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