Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Viewer 2.7.1: Photography Shows Gorgeous New Dynamic Shadows and Field of Vision

Jago Constantine took these photographs earlier today to show how the new dynamic shadows (I added the term dynamic) look.  The shadows adjust according to the position of the sun and other natural lighting effects.  Very realistic! The location is our house (in the background) and beach at the Marina.

Now how does dynamic vision work?  Like natural vision, only one distance comes into focus -- and the focus moves according to your visual target. Take a look at Skippy the Kangaroo in the foreground. He is clear, but the rest of the image is a bit more blurry and less defined. This will do wonders for graphic performance. Blue Mars, the realistic new virtual world (now on hold) utilizes this technology effectively.

You can see the dramatic effects of the shadows at nighttime above. I assume this is moonlight.

Our dog Betsy is clearly seen in this image above, but the background is more blurry. The depth of vision is focusing on her. (She is standing in the water ready to give her paw).

But notice Denise the crocodile here - Jago has shifted the focus of this photograph to her distance. You can clearly see her jaws open as she gets ready to make Betsy a tasty snack.  Betsy is more blurry, but Denise now becomes visible. Very realistic, and very saving on rendering resources. 


  1. Awesome pictures, good to see that Viewer 2 is coming along well also.

    I am so longing to log in with my newly downloaded Firestorm Beta to check it out. ;)

  2. Great shots and explanation. Thanks a million, i look forward to getting to grips with it too ; )


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