Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Remember the Bloggers Golden Rule

The Bloggers Golden Rule is in effect for this blog, and has been for the past three years.

What is the Bloggers Golden Rule?

"I will blog about others as I want them to blog about me"

If you have never heard of this before, it is because I came up with it in 2008. I am sure that other people have come up with the same.

This extends to any comments that I run here, and any blogs that I link to.  Sometimes I do not catch personal attacks in the blogs of others against Second Life Residents, but when I do, they come down.

Please note that this does not extend to real life, because I have bashed right-wing anit-LGBT politicians here before like nutcase Michele Bachman, a far right winger from Minnesota who is trying to become the Republican candidate for President in the United States next year, and  who does not know the difference between John Wayne and serial murderer John Wayne Gacy.

Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachman
If you are blogging, please remember the Golden Rule, and also remember that most people who come to your blog come to be entertained and to be informed.   Do good to others, and you are playing fair. Never use your blog as an extension of personal gripes you might have with someone -- this is not the fourm for it.

Thanks for reading, Eddi

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  1. Yup I call her the crazy lady. She does have a few more screws than Palin but that is not saying much LOL.


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