Monday, June 27, 2011

Real Life Hunk of the Week: European Bodybuilding Champion Petr Prielozny

Gorgeous Petr Prielozny is 24 years old and from the Czech Republic where he was junior bodybuilding champion.  He has since gone on to win several more championships in Europe including European Bodybuilding Champion.  He is a personal trainer and a fitness model for major brands such as Armani.  I think breathtaking is the best way to describe him.

I have traveled to this part of Europe (Mitteleuropa) and have to say the men in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Hungary -- the old Austrian empire -- can be strikingly beautiful in large numbers.  I one ate at a McDonalds in the center of Slovakia, Bratislava, and thought that the 18 - 22 year olds who worked there looked like they were from a Bel Ami film set.  In addition, the old cities there are gorgeous and for the most part well preserved.  If you are planning to visit Europe, make sure to throw in  Praque or Budapest on your trip, and if you are visiting Vienna, take a 45 minute detour to Bratislava, Slovakia to see the gorgeous men- well worth it.

(note:  I am not providing a line to a hard core porno site but Google Bel Ami Online if you are so inclined to see what I am talking about).

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  1. This is the kind of defined body I like and have worked with and trained many with bodies like this. Nice article and nice body. Would like to see the youth of today take more pride in how there bodies look. This guy is a inspiration.

  2. Yeah he is gorgeous. But here is my question --- and I have done a bit of "bulk up" in the past but nothing like this guy.

    Is this muscle optimal for fitness? Or does it, as you get older, put too much strain on your heart? I actually injured my shoulder when i doubled my bench press load in four months (to 190 pounds), because I did not give my ligaments time to heal. I just wonder if extreme fitness is healthy for everyone .

  3. I believe it is. I have never had anyone have a serious injury in training. At the first sign of a strain we slow down and work around it. Increases in workout weight was slow so the natural strength increased to handle the added weight. In the near future I plan to post a few photos of a guy I started in bodybuilding at age 16. At 40 he looks fantastic. He won 8 trophy as a teen including second place in Teen USA. This past year he asked me to his place to put together a posing routine so he can work toward becoming professional


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