Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Privacy is so hard to find when you have four-legged kids in Second Life

I saw Jago inworld last night and he looked very handsome in his new lifeguard uniform.  We had a long kiss goodnight, and only Godiva the English Sheepdog wanted to watch.  But give it a few minutes, and all the pets wanted a piece of the action!

Below clockwise:  Eddi, Jago (holding Eddi), Skippy the Kangaroo, Smon the Doberman. Betsy the Chow, Guido the mutt (with the necklace, and Albert, the VKC German Shepherd.

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha I remember similar situations from real life. I used to have a cat who really hated sharing me with boyfriends. Whenever there was a man around - and especially in my bedroom - she would plant herself between us or preferably on me.

    As a last resort she would go sit on a shelf and watch us while "it" was happening, as soon as it was finished she would jump down and insert herself between us again ;)


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