Friday, June 17, 2011

Poll Results: When it comes to clubs, DJ's and the type of music played come out way ahead as factors.

The results of last week's poll is in. When it comes to clubs, DJ's and they type of music that they play are the clear two determining factors on deciding which clubs patrons visit. The only other factor that was selected by a majority of respondents was "friendly ambiance".

Question:  What are the most important factors in determining which clubs you patronize in Second Life?

There were 35 respondents who were told they can select multiple answers.


The DJ's who play there:   79%

The type of music played:   78%

Friendly ambiance:    58%

Hours that the club is open:    44%

Club hosts and other staff:  35%

The design and look of the club:    23%

Sex Appeal:    23%

Attractive patrons: 17%

Contests: 14%

Other factors: 14%

Dancers: 8%

Jago Constantine's 2011 LGBT Club DJ Survey is now wrapping up.  If have have DJ's at an LGBT club in Second Life, you can find information on this survey here:

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