Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My 3,000th Post on

This is my 3,000th posting on this blog.

My first post here was on November 27, 2008.  the day Jago and I became an official couple and were partnered.  I still love Jago just as much as the day we met in October, 2008.

Roughly 900 days have passed since then, which means that I have published about 3.3 posts a day.

I am not sure I will be keeping that pace up after July, but I will publish when I can.

I also have had over 550,000 hits in the past three years.  Through June 2010, there were about 120,000 hits

Much to my surprise, my hit count for the period June 2010 - June 2011 (with some days to go) is now at 437,000 hits according to Google Blogger software. I have no idea why readership has increased so much over the past year.

Thanks for reading and supporting me, Eddi.


  1. Congratulations Eddi, you are a good example for all of us who blog! May there be 3 000 posts more.

  2. Congrats Eddi hoooo! Readership has gone up on mine as well...I am sure it is the same for Bock, Jeff, Carl and others due to Pride, other activities, and the Convergence of info and comments. Also, I think in the summer people have a lot of RL to do so when they miss a little SL they can get some idea what's going down more online with the help of blogs and other news like places hehe.

    Cooperation breeds more least that is what i believe lol. Congrats again bud.


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