Thursday, June 16, 2011

I've Hit Level 7 in Yahoo Answers

I just hit Level 7 in Yahoo Answers by reaching 25,000 Points.  It is the highest possible level.

I did this by answering 3,556 questions from members since February, 2010.  Of these, 1,260 are best answers. That means that I have given about 3 best answers a day since last February. The users decide which answer is best through votes.

I have answered questions and given best answers for questions like these (note I am picking some at random and cutting and pasting):

I took 2 oxycodones for my hurt anckle and and just want the pain gone, this will not make ne feel weird will?

Why am I into older men?

Is 40 dollars a good price for a gay guy to pay me to let him give me a hj?

how can i make a paper ak-47 easy (doesnt have to shoot just look cool)?

Popular foods in Australia in the early 1900's?

Was there ever a psychiatric hospital in the past that was used as a brothel?

You get the picture (I will not even bother running my answers which tend to be sarcastic).  Now that I have reached Level 7, I can find another inane thing to do with my spare time that actually makes money and benefits people. But its still cool reaching this level!


  1. Hmmmm but before you go, please tell me, is 40 dollars a good price...? ;)

  2. Here is the answer:

  3. ROFL thanks Eddi! Great answer too ;)


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