Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flash News Report. New York State gay marriage vote looks likely for Thursday.

NEW YORK SAME SEX MARRIAGE VOTE MAY COME THURSDAY | NBC New York reports that a vote will likely come tomorrow:

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos and Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver say that while there’s no deal, talks are encouraging.

A spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said Wednesday evening that a vote on several matters, including rent stabilization and the possible vote on gay marriage, would be “likely tomorrow.”

Earlier in the day, the AP reported a source saying that there are now 32 votes to pass the bill in the New York State Senate, a majority.

See television report here:


  1. hehe this NYC born and raised and still living with his 10.5 year relationship with my bear can't wait for this. OMG it made no sense how NY has taken so long on this. Cuomo is an excellent governor and personality. The Best thing to happen in my state.

  2. I moved away from New York when I was 17 and have lost the "edge" but I was born there and still consider myself a New Yorker - a projects kid actually LOL.


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