Monday, June 20, 2011

Breaking News: San Francisco Sims, a Premier Gay Destination in the Gay Archipelago, Future Threatened by Linden Labs.

Although I am still researching this, Wendell Thor has sent out this note card late on Sunday night.

The San Francisco sims are a major Second Life gay destination, and home to Second Pride this past May.


From Wendell Thor

July 19, 2011

It is with great sadness that I am writing this letter.

For those of you who do not know Dam Bamatter, he is a selfless giving man whose only intent is to bring together a community of people to enjoy a better life together who never asks for anything in return but to see joy on peoples faces... For the past two years he has out of pocket spent over $10,000 USD a month to ensure that everyone in this community has had a place to live, to party , to play, never once complaining. He has contributed to the Gateway by buying two sims for new residents to live on freely, he secured the entire Gay Archipelago's FREE move so that we could all be in the same area and live in a community, only to see his efforts go to waste when the Lindens decided to close the gate way that everyone had worked so hard to build.

Undiscouraged, Dom has continued his fight for the Gay Archipelago's right to have an area that the Gay Community could call their own and be free from the homophobic actions of the many people that unbelievable still exist.

Realizing that trying to negotiate with the lindens for our own space was a losing battle. Dom had another vision. if they won't made a space for us, why don't we make a space of our own. The Gay community is filled with the most creative and innovative people on the planet, why waste time where it is obvious that we are not going to be recognized for our true value. Out of his pocket again Dom invested over $150,000 USD to create a world for the community, a place that everyone could afford without having to scrimp and save in order to pay just to enjoy a higher quality of life. On a mission to create a world that not only was affordable for everyone but focused on the very things that we all complain about daily, lag, crash, the cost of lindens, inventory loss and the list goes on Dom has spared no expense in oder to achieve that goal. Not for him ..for us all.

Sadly to say , often the people who are the most giving are the ones most unappreciated. You would think that a company like the Lindens would show appreciation to someone who spends thousands of dollars a month on their products. Time and time again , the Lindens have lost cashiers checks for tens of thousands of dollars, rang up the wrong charges or just forgot to process payments, yet Dom wanted to made sure that everyone was taken care of no matter how it needed to be juggled.

Today because of an error in the Linden's billing system, whether it is intentional or not is undetermined, Linden Labs has chosen to terminate Dom Bamatter's account with no warning, locking him out of SL from his friends, from his property, from his lover. They have erased him from his groups that he has worked years to build up as if he did not exist. Demanding thousands of dollars to reactivate his account due to an error by Linden Labs.

What matters here is not the money, Dom has one asset that is worth more than the 250K USD he has paid out, he has goodwill and that is worth more than anything and the Lindens cannot just erase that.

As it stands right now, all the effort and time and money that everyone has put into making this place a successful, fun environment is going to be closed. After all the money that has been spent, Dom cannot even sell his sims because he cannot log onto Second Life as his account has been terminated.

All tenants who have an outstanding rental balance will be refunded the remaining amount of their rent. More information regarding this process will be provided over the next few days. Please understand that given the large number of people this will affect, it will take some time for refunds to be given, but you will be paid back any rent balances on the date of closure of your sim.

Gay Nations may be a new venture but it is one that is built on hard work and devotion and so you may not have hair or walk like a noob for a couple of days, but look around you at what has been built, is it really worth giving up what we as a Community stand for over a few prims of hair or toys that can be erased with the click of a button. I for one am proud to take a stand beside Dom and forge ahead into unknown territories in search of equality and freedom for all...


  1. I am afraid to say it, but could this not just be a human or mechanical error that could and will be dealt with by Linden Lab in a timely manner?

    Some shit happened, lets give te Lindens the benefit of the doubt to start with and some leeway to sort it out before we start a campaign.

    I have been at this point of desperation once myself, but have later come to realize that my judicial problem was handled speedily and with great caring by the Lab.

    I am still hoping this problem will also be resolved - soon.

  2. LIke Bock, I really hope this can be worked out.

    I wonder how much of this is, if any, is due to Don's work on developing a competing open grid. I hope it can be worked out too. I cannot imagine how Don and Wendell and the other San Francisco staff and customers who gave so much of themselves over the past two years. In Don and Wendell's case they probably both spent over 80 hours week of work doing this.

  3. In the common sense world you give appreciation to someone or a business that floats in mass money to keep you going. This is not special treatment...this is common sense way of thanking that person for his/her business. LL is a business and yet they seem to treat Dom and others I heard about with poor professionalism.

    Also, in this computer age with people with mass knowledge of banking systems and software, you would think something like this would never happen. Yes nothing is perfect but this has happened to him multiple times. That is frankly unacceptable. Even monkeys in the jungle know how to keep track of their bananas.

    This of course probably and most likely happens to straight estate owners as well. You should look into this practice of mishaps in their communities too. I guarantee you we in the LGBT are not alone in suffering their amazing mishaps.

  4. I agree with your theory Eddi. I had this same thing happen to me over a billing issue as another avatar and this was why I had to change to my Ziggy av.
    I know how it can be dealing with those Lindens if it is over a billing issue and they show no mercy and will not even listen to your case, they just pull the plug and ignore you.
    I love the SF sims and all the clubs there and I will be devastated if it truly is no more!

  5. Is Don an "international" customer? LL said in April that accounts affected by local payment issues would be restored (see

    I'm reminded of the recent Elf Clan imbroglio ( Maybe someone just needs to get Rod Humble's ear?

  6. Updated info re local payment issues:

  7. Whoa! @rodvik tweeted me back re this issue. Said if not resolved, Dom should message him directly (at Twitter?). See my tweet to him @griffinceawlin


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